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Introducing the newest star in our sky: Global Nexus TV

Global Nexus TV (or GNTV) is going to make you a star on your very own TV channel or show.

This revolutionary marketing system will give you a global platform.  Be seen as THE expert in your niche by being seeing around the globe in Prime Time. 

For channel owners, become the destination for people in your niche and have experts pay you to have a show or ad on your channel.

This opportunity is new and AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW.  Be the first in your niche to establish yourself as the expert and / or the destination.  Make others try and catch you.

To learn more and to get involved, visit GlobalNexus.TV

Ultimate Marketing Webcast - Replay

Click on the button below to watch the replay of this game-changing webinar in the NEWBI Nation Tactical Webinar Series.  Watch and listen as Keith Aichele, Founder and CEO of the MISAIC Group and America's Marketivity Expert explains marketing done right.

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Do you like to learn and laugh at the same time?

Our book is finally here!

"The E-Syndome: The 8 deadly viruses that can kill your business, and how to cure them"

Serious topic and serious advice... but all delivered with humor.  Might as well enjoy the help, right?

Check it out now!



March 14          NEWBI Nexus North American Launch

Mar. 14-16        Virtual Summit

March 18          Ultimate Business Expo

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Bob was an IT guy for over 30 years.  Bob is the Head Guy at the NEWBI System and has truly found his passion.  Bob counsels new entrepreneurs bring their business to the next level.  Bob's greatest gift is his creativity to forwarding new ideas and new ways of looking and thinking about your business.  Bob has taught and spoken all his career and loves seeing the results a new idea implemented into a persons business

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Margaret MacLean started her entrepreneurial endeavours at age 9 by charging her brothers to do their chores.  Attending "See You At the Top" with Zig Ziglar was a pivotal moment in Marg's personal growth and development journey.  Since that time, Marg and her husband Bob have been dedicated business owners and life-long learners.  Marg  speaks passionately to others especially "sandwiched entrepreneurs" on the topics of finding your passion, building strong contacts and managing your business and your life.

Our ultimate goal is to help you succeed in your business.

Your success is our success!

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Our Mission

To have one million entrepreneurs around the world say that The NEWBI System was responsible for helping them achieve success and become financially free.

Our Vision

Through training, coaching, events and more, The NEWBI System becomes a leading organization around the world in helping people launch and succeed in their small business and to achieve financial freedom. NEWBI becomes a thought leader in the entrepreneur space in the process, helping to drive policy and shape thinking of governments and businesses at all levels and all sizes.


Raza Aziz

As I launched my new coaching business, I found myself with no strategy and spending countless hours on the internet figuring out how to market myself, learn the ins and outs of the industry, get clients and make some profit.  I employed same old same old tactics and enrolled in the school of hard knocks! One meeting with Bob, Marg & Jan of thenewbisystem.com turn my world around.  As they got to know my vision and my business, they helped me get aligned with the right resources, the right connections, recommended the right training at the right time.  These guys understand the growing pains of an entrepreneur; not because they studied it; but because they have been there themselves. Today, I have clients, I am an author and since meeting the fine folks at newbisystem.com, my work has had me travel in North America and abroad. 

Raza Aziz, The Performance Zone